T-33: The Countdown Begins

The countdown begins: Warrior Dash, the third instalment, takes place in five weeks’ time. This year, we’ve invited more friends and family to join us: a dozen mud-covered participants in all. I began training earlier, too, though three months is hardly time enough to generate any kind of cardio endurance. I’ll be in better shape, sure, but I’m quite […]

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What Can it Hurt?

Is that how I signed off my last post? This is how it hurts: quads on a foam roller. Ouch! I had no idea my quads were capable of that degree of pain. I didn’t know that I could roll every muscle in my body on that darn thing either. Apparently torturing myself with the […]

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Warrior Girl gets a Coach

Did I really commit to “interval training three times a week” in my last post? With cardio training on the days in between? You know what happened, right? Yeah. It didn’t happen. Perhaps it was over-enthusiasm. I wrote that post while in the grip of a post-workout high, hadn’t yet been leveled by the sore […]

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Warrior Girl Returns, Humbled

Humbled, but not defeated. I went off the rails again. Did that Warrior Dash in Deerfield Beach without training and performed as well or better than I did at Horseshoe. That’s not saying much, mind you. I eased off yoga in recent months, having hurt my back twice. Then, in a fit of enthusiasm, I […]

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I did it again. I dropped off the training radar. I attended a single karate class, and knowing what it takes to perform kata at a high level, decided no, not for me, not now. Besides, there is an unmistakeable tension in the dojo air, a competitiveness that is the opposite of where I am […]

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The Root of the Problem

Lyric of the Day: “You were my lesson, I had to learn…”, Madonna, The Power of Goodbye Today my body told me to stop running. Stop. Stop? Seriously? But this will be my first training post in two weeks! My mind squawked and kicked its toe in the dirt before remembering the point of this […]

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