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Exploring Mind and Soul by Getting my Butt in Gear

Taming my mind

Warrior Girl is about learning to work with the wild mind. Re-conecting its twisted neural pathways with the wisdom of the body and spirit. My mind runs the show. Unfortunately, it’s mostly lousy show. My mind is brilliant and fighty, thrilling agile, but alarmingly unschooled, stubborn and naive. My mind means well, really it does, but it’s easily confused and led astray at the slightest provocation.

Listening to my body

Warrior Girl is about learning to listen to and respect my physical self. For years, I’ve treated my body as a second class citizen, ignoring its signals and messages in favour of the dictates of my know-it-all mind. Now, I am trying to listen, to pay attention: I want to dwell in the pleasure of grass under my feet, feel the breeze on my cheek. I want to notice the ache in my lower back, or the clench in my gut, and heed what my body is saying. We are animals, after all, not inanimate objects.

Honouring my spirit

Warrior Girl is about exploring my spirit through moving my body. My body connects me with the world, brings the disparate parts of myself into unity. Whether I’m riding a horse, moving through a pose in a roomful of fellow yoginis or sitting on a beach in Florida listening to the sound waves, my body is a movable temple, where the spirit find expression, connection, and, occasionally, peace.

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