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Exploring Mind and Soul by Getting my Butt in Gear

Taming my mind

Warrior Girl sits with a wild mind. My post-graduate studies say it’s possible to re-route my neural ways, my habits of thinking and action. That doesn’t make it easy. My mind means well, really it does, but it’s easily confused and led astray at the slightest provocation.

Hearing my body

Warrior Girl listens to the body. For years, I’ve treated my physical self as a second-class citizen, a mere vehicle. I’ve ignored and suppressed its signals and messages in favour of the dictates of my know-it-all mind. It doesn’t work. We are animals, after all, not inanimate objects.

Honouring my spirit

Warrior Girl explores spirit. Whether I’m flying through the forest on my mountain bike, holding a pose with a roomful of yoginis or listening to the waves wash up on the Florida shore, my body is a movable temple, where spirit find expression, connection, and, occasionally, peace.

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