Just. Stay. Still.

The exercise is a basic one: canter around the outside of the ring, over a single trot pole and then clear  a two foot vertical jump. Sarah, Victoria, Katie and I complete the exercise without any fuss, while our riding coach, Cathy, suggests where we can improve. Focus. Rhythm. Seat. “Remember to breathe,” she says […]

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Can’t Touch This

I didn’t get the shot. Better than that, I got the experience. As we headed off for school this morning, three of us packed into my daughter’s car on a frigid January morning, nature put on a show that rivalled fireworks on the fourth of July (or Canada Day, for those of us who live […]

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Anger and Fresh Flowers

This has happened twice lately: I’ve bustled out of the house hot with anger, driven to the gym, busted my butt, and emerged cool, wise and free. Okay, that’s an exaggeration.  I emerge less angry, no doubt, but definitely not wise, nor free, at least not for any longer than the endorphin rush lasts. Within […]

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