Footprints: Remember the Name

I am tired. It is only another 400 meters until I reach my driveway – the finish line as it were – and I’d really like to walk this last stretch. I don’t though. I turn my attention to the song on my IPod, to following the lyrics. Remember the Name. 10% luck, %15 skill,, 20% […]

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T-33: The Countdown Begins

The countdown begins: Warrior Dash, the third instalment, takes place in five weeks’ time. This year, we’ve invited more friends and family to join us: a dozen mud-covered participants in all. I began training earlier, too, though three months is hardly time enough to generate any kind of cardio endurance. I’ll be in better shape, sure, but I’m quite […]

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One Leap Forward, Two Steps Back

Not much feels better than standing in triangle, face turned skyward, watching puffs of white dandelion float past against a pure blue sky, the breeze warm against my cheek. Not much feels better than unfolding myself from my office chair and running out the door and around the block, a different kind of wisdom burbling up from […]

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Warrior Girl gets a Coach

Did I really commit to “interval training three times a week” in my last post? With cardio training on the days in between? You know what happened, right? Yeah. It didn’t happen. Perhaps it was over-enthusiasm. I wrote that post while in the grip of a post-workout high, hadn’t yet been leveled by the sore […]

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What? No Running?

I hate running. Have I mentioned this before? My knees ache for the first five hundred meters, and remind me for the next week. My gut knots after a lap and a half of the block. My right shoulder starts to throb in the home stretch. Notwithstanding that, I have signed up for yet another Warrior Dash, […]

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Truth be Damned

Today I remembered why I blog. It is the same reason why I run: when it is good, it is amazing, life-altering even; when it is awful, it is not so bad. And here is the truth I discovered today. I don’t want to run right now because: “It is the wrong time of day.” “It […]

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