I am Bunny, Hear Me Roar

The rabbit stands motionless, balanced mid-step, a foot away from the cedar hedge. Its body stretching, lengthened, one front foot raised, as though caught in a freeze-frame, a thoroughbred mid-stride. The cat – my cat – lays on the back porch, seemingly relaxed. If you look carefully, though, you’ll notice her rear feet firmly grounded, […]

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Can’t Touch This

I didn’t get the shot. Better than that, I got the experience. As we headed off for school this morning, three of us packed into my daughter’s car on a frigid January morning, nature put on a show that rivalled fireworks on the fourth of July (or Canada Day, for those of us who live […]

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Remember You’re an Animal

Today I feel like a cross between a reference book and a coin sorter, making sense and order of a thousand disparate details and translating the legalese lot of it into plain English. Most days, I enjoy my work, but then most days, I am not chained to my chair for hours at a time. […]

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Getting out of the Cage

I need to escape the cage that is my house, free my body from the trap that is my mind. It’s funny. I often look at our pets, two-housebond cats, Miley and Mazey, and lament that they are confined inside the house all day, all year long, every day of their lives. They are animals, […]

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Finn, Forest and Foul Weather

One thing about owning a dog: you find yourself outdoors a lot, no matter what the weather. This morning it is dumping down rain, a steady, ice-cold drizzle just this side of sleet. In the normal course, you would not catch me dead outside (or live, for that matter). Slight of frame and prone to goosebumps […]

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