Warrior Girl Returns, Humbled

Humbled, but not defeated. I went off the rails again. Did that Warrior Dash in Deerfield Beach without training and performed as well or better than I did at Horseshoe. That’s not saying much, mind you.

I eased off yoga in recent months, having hurt my back twice. Then, in a fit of enthusiasm, I attended a one-day yoga treat at the Scandinavia Spa in Collingwood, tried a new style of class and, you guessed it, hurt my back again. So, I stopped doing anything for a while and slid slowly into a depressive funk. I know better. Really I do. So earlier in the month, I marched myself back to the gym to renew my membership. For a year. Then, on the 12th of March, I followed my two daughters and a boyfriend back to the gym and enjoyed a great workout, even though I am sadly out of shape. I left wondering Why do I ever stop? I need to tattoo that on my forehead, apparently. Stay tuned.

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