Running Away from Distraction

The evil mum that tried to thwart my way…

As I walk out the drive-way toward the road, it is all I can do to keep moving in a straight line. I only have a 45 minute window, so every step in the right direction counts if I am going to fit in a run. You’d think it would be simple, but my focus is easily pulled away. I veer toward the fall mum stationed in a pot under the big maple, its wilted leaves crying out for water.

I could just turn around, nip into the garage, grab the big watering can and… Oh no, you don’t.

I return to my original flight path. When I reach the road, there are three just-emptied recycle bins waiting to be returned to their homes in the garage.

I could just stack them… No. These can wait until you after you run. Besides, it is not even your job. Didn’t you delegate that to your daughters?  Yes, I did, but….  No but. Keep moving!

I had to ignore ten new email just to get my running shoes on. Now there is a neighbour walking not fifty yards up the block. I turn and run in the other direction. That’s so rude.

Yes, it is. Now run.

This is one of the toughest obstacles in training: distraction, the constant, competing pulls on my attention. If I wait, if I pause, if I take just a minute to do just one more thing I will have to cut short my run, skimp on the exercise that strengthens and nourishes me. This house and my work already demand so much of my attention. If I give in, I might miss my date with destiny, so no, dear mums, I won’t let you pull me away, and no dear daughters, I won’t do you the kindness of helping with your chores. Today I have to do myself a kindness.

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