Warrior Girl’s Yoga Oath: I shall listen to my body

The yoga gods removed the knitting needle from my back moments after I finished drafting that last post. I wish I was kidding. I find that a little spooky, don’t you? The moment I admit that the pain I’m suffering is a result of my own stubbornness, my own failing to listen – poof! – the pain is gone. I imagine a very supple, calm yogic spirit laughing very hard right now, floating on a cloud of wisdom that I am a long way from attaining.

There is some relief in that admission.

And so, with my recent experiences in mind, I make the following Warrior Girl Yoga Oath:

I shall listen to my body. Even though that is easier said than done.

I shall leave my ego at the door. Good luck with that.

I shall notice negative thoughts and talk them down from the ledge. See last item.

I shall not force my body beyond its comfortable range of motion. How about reasonably comfortable?

I will turn off my inner lawyer. See last item.

I will do my best. Every time. That’s all anyone can ask, isn’t it?

I shall look for and admire the light in others.


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