One Leap Forward, Two Steps Back

Not much feels better than standing in triangle, face turned skyward, watching puffs of white dandelion float past against a pure blue sky, the breeze warm against my cheek. Not much feels better than unfolding myself from my office chair and running out the door and around the block, a different kind of wisdom burbling up from […]

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Warrior Girl Returns, Humbled

Humbled, but not defeated. I went off the rails again. Did that Warrior Dash in Deerfield Beach without training and performed as well or better than I did at Horseshoe. That’s not saying much, mind you. I eased off yoga in recent months, having hurt my back twice. Then, in a fit of enthusiasm, I […]

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Missing Class, Learning to Om

I missed yoga class. Day 10 of the 21-Day Challenge. What a day to miss, I thought. A hellish day of cross-examination had left me feeling attacked: tired, headachey, undernourished and stressed. The earth felt shaky under my feet .I needed to fold myself into my body, turn my mind off. I craved the structured escape of […]

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A Side Trip to Yoga Bliss

We arrived at our yoga studio tonight to find the door locked and a ‘Class Cancelled’ sign on the door. So we did what any serious, self-respecting yoga students would do in the circumstances. We high-tailed it to Dairy Queen. I know what you’re thinking. Indulgence in ice cream is not in keeping with the […]

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The Yoga Gods Strike Warrior Pose: Ouch!

The yoga gods were not pleased with my last post, my playful poking fun at various yoga poses. Today, I woke with a jabbing pain in my left shoulder blade. After a soothing hour long class last evening, you`d think that I would have awoken relaxed, refreshed, supple. But no, it felt as though someone was […]

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Warrior Girls in Yoga Poses

“I’ve never seen a dog stand like that,” Aimee said. Sarah and I burst out laughing. We were driving to our third yoga class. “Yeah, me neither,” I agreed, hugging in giggles. “It looks more like a triangle.” “Or a mountain,” Aimee said. “And what’s up with cobra? Doesn’t it look more like a –“ […]

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