Truth be Damned

Sun Behind Cedars by the lovely Sarah McKenzie
Sun Behind Cedars by the lovely Sarah McKenzie

Today I remembered why I blog. It is the same reason why I run: when it is good, it is amazing, life-altering even; when it is awful, it is not so bad.

And here is the truth I discovered today. I don’t want to run right now because:

“It is the wrong time of day.”

“It is too hot.”

“No breeze.”

“I drank too much coffee this morning.”

“I’m not ready yet.”

“The last time I ran, it was a drag. So, today it will be a drag.”

“I don’t want to feel that bad again.”

Those are my truths, so long as I believe them. Today, I didn’t believe them, or at least I doubted them long enough to walk past them and out the door. I pulled on my shorts, my running shoes, my ball cap. I grabbed an ice-cold water from the fridge and clamped my IPOD to my arm. Then, I made myself a deal: go run, tip-toe through the tires, do a few chin-ups. Have fun, then go home. There’s no stress here. And I did. I had a blast. I felt strong, happy, alive.

Truth be damned.

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