How do You Say Good Morning?

I flounce into the kitchen, execute two leaping arabesques, first on the right and then on the left, and land in deep plié. I rise slowly, floating my hands up in front of my body, then opening them into a whole-hearted third position, and then I launch into a somewhat off-balance, though well-intended, pirouette. I […]

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Feeling low? Canter!

“You’re only given a little spark of madness,” a wise soul once said. “You mustn’t lose it”. That wise soul may have been Robin Williams, though I can’t be sure. My guess is Robin Williams knows how to canter. What’s cantering, you ask? It’s like skipping, but with more forward momentum and less emphasis on […]

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Warrior Girls in Yoga Poses

“I’ve never seen a dog stand like that,” Aimee said. Sarah and I burst out laughing. We were driving to our third yoga class. “Yeah, me neither,” I agreed, hugging in giggles. “It looks more like a triangle.” “Or a mountain,” Aimee said. “And what’s up with cobra? Doesn’t it look more like a –“ […]

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