I am Bunny, Hear Me Roar

The rabbit stands motionless, balanced mid-step, a foot away from the cedar hedge. Its body stretching, lengthened, one front foot raised, as though caught in a freeze-frame, a thoroughbred mid-stride. The cat – my cat – lays on the back porch, seemingly relaxed. If you look carefully, though, you’ll notice her rear feet firmly grounded, […]

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Just. Stay. Still.

The exercise is a basic one: canter around the outside of the ring, over a single trot pole and then clear  a two foot vertical jump. Sarah, Victoria, Katie and I complete the exercise without any fuss, while our riding coach, Cathy, suggests where we can improve. Focus. Rhythm. Seat. “Remember to breathe,” she says […]

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Riding Lessons & Childhood Dreams

When I was a little girl, I dreamed of riding horses. I remember fashioning riding stables out of snow in the wintertime and galloping around the school yard with my friends. I remember riding a spring-horse at my cousin Jeff’s house, rocking forward and back so hard, it’s a wonder the springs didn’t snap. I read […]

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