I don’t want to forget this feeling: flying full-tilt downhill on my mountain bike, up on my feet, out of the saddle, my weight back. Sunlight dapples the dirt trail and everything around me feels fresh and green, even as I smell autumn in the air rushing past my face. This. Feels. So. Good. My […]

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From Winter to Water

I dropped out of the tree and into the pool. Out of Ontario winter and into the Florida sun. I had sworn I wouldn’t. “My family are in Ontario,” I had protested to anyone who asked. I would miss dinners with my parents, followed by shared crossword puzzles and Raptors games. “And the girls.” Never […]

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Come Outside to Play

                It started wth the leaves. For once, I decided to gather them up rather than leave them to blow into the vacant lot next door, or up against the cedars that line my side yard.  This was my purported reason for grabbing the rake. Then I decided […]

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Feeling Stressed? Try Hands-Free Balloon Elevation Therapy (HBET)

I’ve noticed a lot of stress in the environment lately, afflicting friends and loved ones alike. I am certainly not immune, so in an effort to lighten our collective loads, I decided to, well, bat a balloon around. This is what I discovered. Hands-free balloon elevation therapy (HBET) is a unique healing modality for persons […]

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How do You Say Good Morning?

I flounce into the kitchen, execute two leaping arabesques, first on the right and then on the left, and land in deep plié. I rise slowly, floating my hands up in front of my body, then opening them into a whole-hearted third position, and then I launch into a somewhat off-balance, though well-intended, pirouette. I […]

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