Top 10 Essays

Truth Be Damned  Musing on the power of saying yes when you want to say no.

A Side Trip To Yoga Bliss  A short lesson in flexibility and knowing when to  carpe ice cream.

Warrior Girl Gets a Coach Because we all need someone on our team.

Life Balance and Black Holes Hey Superwoman! Retire your cape and relax.

Know What You’re Doing, Baseball Fan Wisdom and humility from the bleachers.

Kicking a Low Mood in the Teeth  When gloom descends, you still have a choice.

Just. Stay. Still  A balky horse meets a very wise riding instructor with miraculous results.

How do You Say Good Morning?  The infectious power of silliness in motion.

Come Outside to Play We’re animals, people. We’re supposed to be outside.

When Your Childhood Passion Leaves You Cold You loved it as a child? So what?

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A New Training Mantra: Listen
A Side Trip to Yoga Bliss
Anger and Fresh Flowers
Call Me Intrepid: My Weeklong Experiment with Sunrise Walks
Can’t Touch This
Check Your To Do List at the Door
Come Outside to Play
Feeling low? Canter!
Feeling Stressed? Try Hands-Free Balloon Elevation Therapy (HBET)
Finn, Forest and Foul Weather
Footprints: Remember the Name
From Winter to Water
Getting out of the Cage
How do You Say Good Morning?
I am Bunny, Hear Me Roar
Just. Stay. Still.
Kicking a Low Mood in the Teeth
Know What You’re Doing, Baseball Fan
Life Balance, Black Holes and a new Theory of Domestic Relativity
Life Lessons from the Four-Footed Guru: Leave your Burden at the Door
Life-Steering Lessons from a Riding Coach
Living Uncomfortably: Scaling Trees In Wintertime
Missing Class, Learning to Om
My Latest Guru: Ginger the Patient Chestnut
Nourish Thyself, Warrior Girl
One Leap Forward, Two Steps Back
Pausing in the Tough Moment, Learning to Nourish Myself
Remember You’re an Animal
Riding Lessons & Childhood Dreams
Running Away from Distraction
Snow Dance of the Intrepid
Starting Somewhere: How about Here?
T-33: The Countdown Begins
Take a Stand Against Sitting
The Root of the Problem
The Strange & Wonderful Alchemy of a Morning Walk
The Year of Living Uncomfortably
The Yoga Gods Strike Warrior Pose: Ouch!
Truth be Damned
Wake-Up Calls from your Friendly Neighbourhood Coyote
Warrior Girl and the New Dog
Warrior Girl gets a Coach
Warrior Girl Goes to Yoga Class
Warrior Girl Lands in the Muck. Again.
Warrior Girl Making Spring Snow Angels
Warrior Girl on the Trail: Finding my Inner Horse
Warrior Girl Returns, Humbled
Warrior Girl Shoveling Snow
Warrior Girl’s New Home
Warrior Girl’s Yoga Oath: I shall listen to my body
Warrior Girls in Yoga Poses
Welcome Back to the Path, Warrior Girl, but Beware the Detour
What Can it Hurt?
What? No Running?
When Your Childhood Passion Leaves You Cold
Wish Me No Excuses

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