I don’t want to forget this feeling: flying full-tilt downhill on my mountain bike, up on my feet, out of the saddle, my weight back. Sunlight dapples the dirt trail and everything around me feels fresh and green, even as I smell autumn in the air rushing past my face. This. Feels. So. Good. My […]

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Take a Stand Against Sitting

Friends, let me introduce you to Dr. Tarry Ahuja, the accidental star of my Health Promotional campaign “Take a Stand Against Sitting”. Dr. Ahuja is the instructor Health Psychology 2301, a course I’m taking at Carleton University. By “accidental” I mean I asked if he’d mind if I used a few screenshots of him in my class […]

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Warrior Girl Lands in the Muck. Again.

I gave up obstacle races a few years ago. In 2011 and 2012, I competed in four Warrior Dashes – two in Canada and two in the States – but training for the fifth one, I quickly realized that my knees no longer wanted to run. They creaked, and ached and all but begged me […]

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